#SpyBeer – Intelligence Themed Craft Beer Names

The Spy Who Came in for a Cold One

So Michael Ross and I were comparing craft beer selections on Twitter when @wesko suggested that we develop some spy-related beer names. I’ve compiled some of the initial contributions below but I suspect there many more ideas out there. Weigh in on Twitter if you have any ideas – just tag your tweet with #SpyBeer.

Winning Hops and Minds
Drone Dunkel
Shining Path Pale Ale
Osama bin Lager (@milaficent, @wesko and @WarfareCenter suggested following this with 2 shots and a splash of water)
KGB Brown Ale
La Carre Lager
Smiley’s Pilsner
Hunt for Red Oktoberfest
The Stout of All Fears
Tailor Traditional Ale
Tinker Triple
Poorman Porter
Beggarman Bock
The Circus Cider
Jack Rye-an

Dead Drop Draught
Case Officer Ale
Tinker, Tailer, Soldier, Brewer
The Spy Who Came in for a Cold One
Tenent’s Slam Drunk
The Honourable Brewboy

(Passed) Polygraph Pale Ale
Waterboard Winter Bock
Honey Trap Summer Brew
Pink Bunny Porter
(Chocolate) Porter Goss
No Such Ale
Cofer Bock
Cyanide Pils
Honey Trappist Ale

Underwear Bomber Double IPA
Swallow Imperial Russian Stout
The Fall of Saison
Church Committee Bitter Ale
Stansfield Turner Non-Alcoholic Beer
Blonde, James Blond
Mead to Know
Anna Chapman Spicy Red Lager (average beer but great label art)
Malty Hari
Sella Artois
O’Keg Kalugin
Charlie Wilson’s Beer
Licensed to Chill

Cloak and Lager
Black Hops

Qods Light

Dubbel Agent
Black Site & Tan
Hellfire Hefeweizen
Langley Lager
The Farm-house Ale
Tradecraft Tripel
NCS (National Clandestine Stout)
Pale Analyst Ale
JSOC Doppelbock
Bourne Barleywine
Mossad Märzen

NOC Bock
Honey Pot Porter

Hertford Hoegarten
(Camp) Stanley Stout

L Pill-sner
In the Black & Tan
Safe-House Ale
The Man with the Golden Ale

Double-Tap 22 Pilsner


Anarchist Black Bock
Ennis Ale
Urquell-170 Strealth Drone Pils
No One Leffe Behind
Toby Esterhase’s LampLITEr Pale Ale
K.arla’s G.olden B.ier
Pils Haydon
Wet Hops
Dubbel Barrel

Langley Lambic
Pilsner Palace
G’lilot Golden Ale

Covert Hops
Tinker, Tailor, Brewmaster, Spy.


Benedict Arnold Pale Ale
Double Agent Cider
UAV – Ultra Amber + Vermouth
Provocateur Pils

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