Blogs of War and the New Twitter Analytics

@blogsofwar Followers Are an Engaged Bunch

Blogs of War and the New Twitter Analytics

Twitter analytics have taken a giant leap forward with recent enhancements that allow users to go beyond simple analysis of retweets, favorites, and follows to measure the impact of their work. The most notable change is the inclusion of impressions. As you can see above @blogsofwar currently generates almost 800,000 reader impression a day. Not bad but the data also gives some insight into what over 53,000 Blogs of War followe are doing with those tweets too.

Blogs of War Twitter Analytics - Clicks This graph shows that Blogs of War readers have clicked on links in my tweets 82,300 times in the previous 28 days and 1,800 times so far today. This is perhaps the most important piece of data because it demonstrates that you're not only reading but that you're paying attention and taking action - clicking on almost 3,000 links each day (sometimes many more).

Blogs of War Twitter Analytics - Retweets Blogs of War readers retweeted 21,800 tweets over a 28 day period and 339 so far this morning alone. Like clicks this shows real engagement beyond mere impressions. Unlike clicks this has the additional benefit of increasing my visibility, which increases my follower count, which leads to increases in everything else. So, many thanks for retweeting me almost 800 times each day. It is appreciated.

Blogs of War Twitter Analytics - Replies Blogs of War followers are pretty vocal and talked back 2,800 times in the last 28 days. That's roughly 100 replies a day. This one is a mixed bag since it includes trolls, terrorists, and the occasional paranoid schizophrenic but each day also brings quality engagement from everyone from casual observers to important players on the world stage.

Blogs of War Twitter Analytics - Favorites This is my Sally Field moment. Blogs of War followers favorited my tweets 9,200 times over the previous 28 days and 166 times already this morning. That's over 300 favorites a day. While the actual impact here is negligible everybody likes positive feedback right?

Blogs of War Twitter Analytics - Locations While this is not new, I did think you might find it interesting. It shows the geographic breakdown of Blogs of War's 53,000+ followers. While this list does vary a bit Washington D.C., New York City, and London are almost always top cities. That's not too surprising given my focus. According to Twitter just over 46% of my followers (23,000+) are based in the United States. Canada and Europe account for another 24% (12,000+) while the remaining 15,000+ followers are spread throughout the rest of the world.

This snapshot is helpful but this is definitely one set of data that I'd like to be able to drill down into even more given my global focus. It would also be nice to know if Twitter is using self-reported locations or more robust data to generate this report.

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