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Covert Contact Podcast Episode 7: Why Daesh’s Social Media Campaign is a Massive Failure

Covert Contact Podcast Episode 6: Robots and the Future of Warfare: The Advantage Might Not Lie with the Inventors

Covert Contact Podcast Episode 5: Lone Wolf Terrorism and the Importance of Perspective

Covert Contact Podcast Episode 4: What the Attack in Ottawa Teaches Us About Terrorists – And Ourselves

Covert Contact Podcast Episode 3: Crypto Wars: Winners, Losers, and the Case for Compromise

Covert Contact Podcast Episode 2: The State of Twitter, the Struggle to Understand, and The Perils of Technology for Terrorists

Covert Contact Podcast Episode 1: Intelligence Failures, Agent Storm, and eDiplomacy Trolling


DIA Director Lieutenant General Michael T. Flynn Shares His Thoughts on Threats, Opportunities, and 33 Years of Service

Anthony Bourdain Talks Travel, Food, and War

A Brief Chat with Iraq’s Ambassador to the United States, Lukman Faily

Hacker Opsec with the Grugq

Michael Ross: A Mossad Officer's Life in the Cold

Former Mossad Combatant Michael Ross Looks Back - and Forward

Life at Mossad Headquarters: Former Mossad Officer Michael Ross on the Dangers of Serving at Home

Ali-Reza Anghaie and Scot Terban on InfoSec, Hackers, China, and Cyber Hype

Talking Tech, Social, and Security with White Canvas Group Founders Jon Iadonisi and Tim Newberry

Phillip Smyth on Syria

Dr. Rebecca Johnson: Ethics and Security in the Age of Ubiquitous Media

Rethinking Insurgency with Dr. Steven Metz

Military Analyst Joshua Foust on Village Razing in Afghanistan

Counterterrorism Expert Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

Views on Intelligence

The CIA (Finally) Joins Twitter

On Edward Snowden's Importance

So You Want to Work for the CIA/Mossad?

Julia Tatiana Bailey: Art as Espionage in Cold War America

William Tucker: Everybody Spies – and for Good Reason

William Tucker: Hawaii a Priority Target for Foreign Espionage

William Tucker: Would the U.S. Really Kill Edward Snowden?

William Tucker: Snowden’s Snowjob?

Theodore W. Weaver: It’s Cold Out There

Theodore W. Weaver: Our Unfinished Business

Theodore W. Weaver: Remembering Khost, Three Years Later

Theodore W. Weaver: Zero Dark Reality

Sean P. Sullivan: A Case of the Intelligence Officer Mondays

Top Secret America: 854,000 People Hold Security Clearances

Jonathan Pollard and American Fairness, Justice, and Mercy

Video: Counterintelligence After Snowden

Edward Snowden: Booz Allen Hamilton Job Sought for Access to Classified Material

Is Snowden a Spy?


Exclusive: The Elaborate Hack that Will Prevent the NSA from Bugging Your Phone

DARPA's "Hack-Proof" Drone

Tor and the Illusion of Anonymity

Dr. Clint Arizmendi: Blurring the Lines Between Hacktivism and Terrorism

Dr. Clint Arizmendi & Chloe Diggins: Is War in the Sixth Domain the End of Clausewitz?

Tara Maller: Enhancing the Cyberdiplomacy Arsenal

Tara Maller: Half the Homeland – Mobilizing Women for Cybersecurity

Jon Iadonisi: Sam Bacile … or Silence Dogood: What Would Ben Franklin Do?

Hating On the Cloud - From My New Acer Chromebook

Did China Compromise NASA Satellites?

Satellite Hacking: Where Cyberwar Meets Spacewar

Quick Thoughts on Wikileaks

Scriven L. King On Security Conceptualization

SOCMINT: Social Media Intelligence

PBS NewsHour and Blogs of War Twitter Chat on Social Media and Warfare

ISIS/ISIL: Jihadists Go for the Lulz

Social Media and Warfare:Till Death Us Do Part

The Former CIA Officers, Analysts, and Intelligence Professionals Who You Should Be Following on Twitter

65 Diplomats, Journalists, Spies, and Professors Who Will Help You Make Sense of Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

Natalie Sambhi: Security and Defence Accounts in Australia (and the Asia Pacific) You Should be Following on Twitter

A Gentle Reminder About Security and Social Media for Security Cleared Professionals

Book Excerpts

Operation Sayaqa: An Excerpt from Linda Robinson’s One Hundred Victories: Special Ops and the Future of American Warfare

Chapter One of Powerful Peace: A Navy SEAL’s Lessons on Peace from a Lifetime at War

Excerpts from Wife and War: The Memoir


Why The Spectacular Success of ISIS Will Be Its Eventual Undoing

Understanding ISIS and Their Rampage Through Iraq

Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl is Coming Home

A Good Guy and a Gun

Freedom: A Personal Account from an Egyptian Protester

Michael Ross: Richard Silverstein Confuses Concept of “Tikkun Olam” with Reckless Endangerment, Cyber-Bullying, Defamation, and Mendacity

Caitlin Fitz Gerald: Facing Reality in Saudi Arabia

Want to Prevent War with Iran? Take the Gloves Off

The J-20 Black Eagle – China’s 5th Generation Stealth Fighter: Please Don't Call it a Game Changer

Warrior Support

Lynnette Bukowski: Landing Zone Grace Veterans Retreat

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